-With todays eCommerce Needs, any company needs not only a good technical team, but experts in all the eCommerce cycle and array

  1. InodeCommerce offers a full fledged solution that includes
    1. Integrations and Support, we can develop the site on any technology and plug in at any stage of your development. We can develop from 0% or help your team move faster
    • Agnostic eCommerce Consulting, we will save you time, money and many headaches, we can save you licensing costs by negotiating on your behalf with Oracle, SAP, DemandWare, Magento, etc and guide you to choose the best platform for your Enterprise
    • Order Management, we can use any commercial solution or use our own full grown solution to advance on your development
    • ERP Integration, we will integrate your eCommerce Site to any commercial or custom made ERP
    • Logistics, we will help you choose the best logistics strategy
    • Fulfillment and shipping, we have our in house WareHouses that you can use, we can to the order pick it and send it with your custom packaging to your customers
    • Call Center Support, we will help you handle any customer related incident, follow up and more, we are obsessed with great customer support
    • Social Media Engagement, Tracking and Statistics, we will track your social media campaigns, engagement, retargeting in order to maximize exposure to your current and new loyal users
    • Mobile Integrations and Development, we will develop or integrate to your current mobile solution and provide a seamless experience for your users, sales team and more

The solutions and strategies we have developed both on eCommerce and Mobile Sales strategy